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All of these are personal, symbolic and have deep meaning to and for me... This is where the pains and memories from the painful past resides... This is the place I run to escape to when the house is rumbling with screams or fights.
This is where I feel the most comfortable. The pain has blessed me with one thing, and that is my ability to vanish away into other worlds I create....
I'd prefer to be out of this one any day.


I'm tagged ....F**k ...Jk XD
All rules:
1. Must post all rules!
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
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Tagged by :iconGalax5ea:
13 things about me :
I like to eat ramen it's my main food
My favorite color is teal
Believe it or not I look like yandere-chan
I am bisexual
I am self taught in art
I am lazy
I have watched over 35 Anime shows
My favorite youtubers are Dan and Phil, Jacksepticeye, and Entoan the Pack
I am horrible at math
I love dubstep, Marina and the Diamonds, and Melanie Martinez
My art is a bunch of random crap
Also if you need advice I'm here to help
Also I can see things that arent actually there
13 I was tagged with
My celebrity crush is. . . A gummy bear does thi
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm here trying as the 1st step towards my life long dream; I'm also here to try & heal...and perhaps find some self worth or even some confidence. Still searching for hope... Self Expression is my only security, and that is the heart of my work... Which makes this very scary lol....
Music, writing and art are my ways of expressing who I am... From my deepest pain and trauma, to my search for love, beauty, hope; a fantasy world to escape into. This has been my method of coping and expressing myself all of my life, so each piece is very personal to me.
It's very hard for me to share my art but after a talk with a few loved ones I've decided to take a risk... I hope, if nothing else, my photography and abstract digital art/photography, writings- will touch others souls in familiar or comforting ways.
I have two very contrasting styles of art. Both reflect me & my life. Dark=is the past 20 odd years & harsh trauma flashbacks, etc. Nature & Macro= Looking for hope and/or beauty to add some color to my shadow. All other is self expression or symbolic.... but the natural ones are going on another dA (will add link soon as it is up =]] )

---Art WEBSITE/SHOP Will Also Ready Soon...I'm Giving This My All... :S ---
  • Listening to: Mudvayne
  • Reading: ReReading "Game of Thrones" (HBO SUCKS) :)
I am so excited to have found dA and met so many cool people. I hope to continue here, and to continue meeting new friends as well as maintaining current ones :-)

I'm grateful I've found a place I feel I can semi belong to, for in my physical reality there is no such place. My mind is so, so loud; I have no place to call mine at the moment, and that is sending me into flashbacks on its own.

I have a lot of art I want to share; I also would love to share my writings, too. If I could meet more like people I may be able to sink in to my life in this virtual space and escape the physical one more often.

But I can't upload as often as I'd like because my emotions drive me; being back in the same hellish, severely abusive and tiny place I've known for too long has a way of depressing me more than usual.

When I'm depressed I tend to sleep or hide; a habit I need to break. I am a self harmer, I have been since age 4, and no I am not saying it's cool or suggesting anyone join in. Just sharing my flaws and obstacles I face.

I also am struggling to get myself to start eating 'normal' again. I want to but it's hard when no one seems to care (very borderline thinking of me, I suppose). I self medicate and am feel absolutely broken yet the reasons I cannot speak of. Not the past cruelties nor the present day hauntings.

I don't want sympathy, attention, or anything like that. I just needed to say at least that much, in case anyone cares to hear or is interested in why I am not as consistent as I wish I could be; as I would be had I not came back to this hell.

If you have read this, I thank you with all of my heart. I appreciate any and all of you that have been so kind to me; please keep coming around. Right now I am struggling within my own mind I suppose, and will do the best I can. I will get better, if anyone is curious lol and be able to upload and such as often as I like and communicate as much as I like again. For a few weeks though I may post stuff but if I don't reply to you please do not think I am ignoring you or anything like that... Soon I will respond, for surely I won't be in this house much longer :-)
Thank you again to those of you whom read and understand...



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Sillybilly60 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016   Digital Artist
Welcome to Digital-Scapes group :wave:!
EventideStudios Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Student General Artist
awww thank you so much ^.^ hope you're having a nice day!
Trostlosigkeit Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016
Welcome to deviantART~!! Hi!
I have to say, you have a magnificent and really impresive gallery~ Clap 
EventideStudios Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Student General Artist
hiya ^.^ :Tardwaveplz:

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to write me and check out my page... I'm so nervous but also excited for I'm facing my fears....

Your compliments truly and sincerely have lifted my heart tonight, when it was really in need of a pick up. It's so nice to know you cared enough to take time out to tell me what you think of my gallery... it may not mean much to you but to me; that is my soul on display lol and my dreams being chased....
so i cant tell you enough how grateful i am and how much i needed to hear someone thinks like you..... thank you :) i hope you'll stay in touch! i'm usually around here somewhere :-)

i hope this finds ya well!! :furryhugplz:
and i hope these little emoticon things work lmao >.< be my luck i'm doing it wrong. furry hug... lmao *sigh. ;-)
Trostlosigkeit Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016
You're very welcome~!!!
It's my pleasure~
I love to welcome new deviants, and I have to admit that your gallery really got my attention; full of amazing and exquisite compositions. So is really my pleasure~. Clap
Thank you as well, for your kindly words, and for show us your beautiful works!
I hope to see more wonderful works from you! :'D

-Some of the emoticons don't show, but is ok xD
Try to add the word "icon" before the name; like this :icon Tardwaveplz: (without the space) and it will looks like this: :icontardwaveplz:
(You can also try pressing "add media" (down, in the left corner). There are alot of cool emoticons Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] )-.

If you need something, or have any question about deviantART (or anything); feel free to ask me~! w00t!
Have an amazing day~!! Hug
EventideStudios Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Student General Artist
haha Ashamed ok so i just now saw the media button and feel a bit errr on the special side Sherlock Holmes lolz thank u!!! and again thank u!! for the very kind words and for taking time out for me Heart
i just checked out your art and have worn this face since Stunned :jawdrop: revision you are truly, truly a very amazing and talented artist!!! and you are also inspiring... I am totally honored you even noticed my work let alone spoke to me! I'm looking forward to seeing more of *your* work!

If you ever wanna talk or anything I'm around always! Boogie! i hope you are having a wonderful day/night! Dance! Hug :slipperyhug: 
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